Dr. Michael K. Keller


With a calming voice and friendly pat on the head, Dr. Michael Keller's gentle touch can befriend almost any animal that graces the door's of Plantation Veterinary Clinic.  He is always thinking of the health, safety  and comfort of the animal.  The greeting is first to the animal and then to the owner, knowing his purpose is to take care of their needs.  Dr. Keller is a rare breed, when it comes to the care and compassion that he exemplifies daily as veterinarian at Plantation Veterinary Clinic.


Dr. Michael Keller grew up in Hopkinsville, KY.  Through his high school career, there were several interests that he had in mind for a career path.  There was only one path that maintained,  the love of animals and the desire to take care of them.  Dr. Keller graduated from Christian County High School and completed his undergraduate study at Murray State University.  Aurburn University was the next stop, graduating in the spring of 1994, with a Doctorite in Veterinary Medicine. 


Dr. Keller is married to Jackie Harley.  They reside in Magnolia on a farm with their two daughters, Harley and Clair.  Even in his spare time, Dr. Keller enjoys tending to his animals on the farm.  From dogs to goats, cows to cats, horses to chickens, there is not alot he does not take care of.