Large Animal Care



As the ability to find food animal and equine veterinary service is diminishing, it is important to remain steadfast in providing service for the rural family farm. At Plantation Veterinary Clinic, we provide large animal care to cattle, horses, goats and sheep.  With exceptional facilities on site, this allows us to work anything from one, up to an entire herd.  We allow haul in by appointment or farm calls when necessary.  There are multiple services that we provide to our large animal patients.  These services include, but are not limited to, deworming, vaccinations, repro checks and semen evaluations.  Some of the services that are provided are species specific.  The staff is very eager to help you get started providing the proper basic care that is needed for your large animals.
Cattle: We provide service for both beef and dairy cattle.  Most of our current clients are beef producers, due to the decline in dairy operations in our area over the past decade.  We provide herd health consultation and service(herd work), bull semen evaluation, heifer selection/ pelvic measuring consult, pregnancy exam(rectal palpation), and  marketing options consult. We also have a tilt table to enable us to trim feet and address front feet issues in a more safe environment for cows and staff.    Our philosophy is that a cow must maintain on grass, produce a good calf on a yearly basis and breed back.  Open cows are a liability, not an asset.

Sheep/Goats:  We understand the current need for veterinary services for our growing sheep/ goat population.  In an attempt stay current, we have done research, attended continue education meeting with a focus on small ruminant medicine, surgery, and herd health issues.  We, like most of our producers, have evolved over the past decade in our knowledge of husbandry practices, feeding practices, and medical issues of sheep and goats.  Some of the services we provide for sheep/goats are vaccination protocol consulting, basic husbandry consult, breed selection for a producers needs, semen evaluation, treatment of sick and injured animals, castration, dehorning ( young and adult) and  obstetrics (routine delivery and C-section).  We understand that profit in goats/sheep comes from good genetic combined with adequate forage and the management thereof, NOT from a feed bag.  

Equine:  We provide routine vaccination, Coggins testing, various exams for conditions such as lameness, colic, respiratory issues.  Some of the other procedures we do perform are castration and teeth floating.  We service  horses, donkeys, and mules.